Enduro Tall Fescue
Our most popular sod, Enduro is a new generation of sod that provides a darker green color, finer texture and lower growth while keeping the hardy nature and lower water needs of its original ancestors. Enduro is an excellent lawn for both home and commercial landscapes. Enduro is the best choice for traffic or high wear areas.
Blue Ridge
Blueridge is our traditional 80% Kentucky Bluegrass and 20% Perennial Ryegrass blend. This is a dense, lush lawn that has a slightly softer feel and finer texture than the Dwarf Enduro. Not recommended for high traffic areas or play areas and should be used where beauty and aesthetics are most important.
100% Ryegrass
Low maintenance and wear tolerant turf grass. Ryegrass provides the best wear tolerance of any cool season sod. Due to its poor heat and cold tolerance, it is not recommended for areas that suffer from extreme weather conditions.
Ridgeside Fine Fescue
Shiny, fine leafed turf grass with almost needlelike blades. A cool Season sod, it is best suited for moist and shady areas. Also known as “no mow”, Fine Fescue can be allowed to grow tall and often used along hillsides to provide a beautiful meadow grass appearance. Not recommended for hot or dry regions.
Non-Netted Blueridge Sports Turf
Blueridge Sports Turf is our non-netted blend of 50% Kentucky Bluegrass and 50% Perennial Ryegrass developed specifically for sports field applications. It closely resembles Blueridge with its dense, lush appearance but has a much higher wear tolerance needed for sports fields, parks, and playing surfaces.