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Ridgeside Fine Fescue

Ridgeside Fine Fescue is a unique blend of 3 fine fescue mixes of Creeping Red, Chewing, and Hard Fescue giving that fine texture look that has a deep green year around color that can be mowed or left unmowed giving that tall slender grassy looking meadow effect. It is ideal for areas that are difficult to mow, or used on hillsides for erosion control, or areas that you want to leave it unmowed letting it grow tall (12" to 18") giving it that grassy meadow look.

Recommended Usage:

Ideal for hillsides and slops for stabilization and erosion control, hard to mow areas and in partial shaded areas.

Sod Composition:

Ridgeside Fine Fescue is a mixture of 3 top performing creeping red fescue, chewing fescue and hard fescue. This combination gives the durability for low maintenance, good shade tolerance and a wide range of mowing heights or left unmowed. Ridgeside Fine Fescue is grown by Greenfields Turf, Inc.

Heat & Wear Tolerance:

Ridgeside Fine Fescue is a cool season grass, looks its best during the cooler time of year. Ideal temperature is between 30 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Ridgeside Fine Fescue is less wear tolerant than tall fescue, kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass. Ridgeside Fine Fescue is best used in areas of minimal traffic.


Ridgeside Fine Fescue is more shade tolerant than either Blueridge or Enduro Dwarf Tall Fescue. With proper maintenance, Ridgeside Fine Fescue will perform will in sun or shade areas.


Ridgeside Fine Fescue will keep a rich deep green color that will remain fairly consistent thought out the year with the proper fertilizing.


Ridgeside Fine Fescue has a good resistance to most common diseases. If properly maintained, watered and fertilized you will be much less likely to be effected by diseases.


A good complete fertilizer is required twice a year in the spring and fall. During the rest of the year you should be fertilizing every other month with ½ pound of actual nitrogen applied to each 1,000 sq. ft. to maintain a healthy turf.


Ridgeside Fine Fescue requires no mowing to maintain a healthy turf or if you like you can mow it down to 3 to 4 inches. Never mow more than one-third of top growth at any one mowing.


Newly planted sod should be watered daily for the first 10 days to avoid drying out and to enable the rooting system to penetrate into the new soil. Once sod has been established, watering frequency may be reduced. Do to varying soil and climate conditions, it is difficult to recommend a watering schedule. Soaking the lawn once or twice a week generally is considered adequate. Water in early morning hours only. During the summer months more frequent waterings may be necessary.

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